Comitatus 55 Call for Papers

Published: December 22, 2023


Comitatus, published annually under the auspices of the UCLA CMRS Center for Early Global Studies, invites the submission of research articles (8,000–13,000 words) and shorter papers (3,500–7,000 words) by graduate students and recent PhDs in any field of late antique, medieval, Renaissance, early modern, or early global studies. We particularly welcome articles that integrate or synthesize disciplines, as well as short but critical reflections on the future of pre- and early modern studies, interviews, conversations, translations, field notes, archive reports, and catalogues.

Short articles are intended to make the process of academic publishing more inclusive and accessible to a wider range of graduate students at different stages of their careers. They must adhere to the Comitatus submission guidelines, but they may engage more summarily with secondary literature, in the style of public-facing writing for a non-specialist audience.

Translations, interviews, field notes, archive reports, and catalogues should prioritize readability in their layout and critical apparatus. They should also include a short introduction outlining the text’s potential significance and/or usefulness to scholars. These articles should be aimed at graduate students with a general knowledge and engage wider narratives in the field.

Submissions of all lengths and formats will be reviewed by the Comitatus Editorial Board. Those submissions judged to be exceptional by the Board will be invited for inclusion in this year’s volume.

Please send submissions as email attachments to Allison McCann, Managing Editor, Comitatus (, by March 4, 2024. Submissions guidelines can be found here.