CMRS’s mission is to promote and sustain transdisciplinary studies of the period from late antiquity to the mid-seventeenth century. Five main research axes help structure the polyvalent and multi-faceted inquiry of the Center’s diverse faculty: Sustainability/Repurposing, Fluidity/Permanence, Bodies/Performance, Conversion/Mobility, and Communication/Archive. All research axes are open to the widest variety of historical and methodological approaches.

The Center has three primary goals: 1) To stimulate and support the scholarship and research activities of its affiliated faculty, associates, students, and scholars; 2) To foster and prepare the next generation of scholars and researchers by providing educational opportunities, financial, and other support; and, 3) To disseminate knowledge, encourage intellectual exchange, and promote Late Antique, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies at the campus, local, regional, national, and global levels.