John W. Baldwin Post-Doctoral Fellowship

The UCLA CMRS Center for Early Global Studies is pleased to announce a John W. Baldwin Post-Doctoral Fellowship for a recent Ph.D. whose work focuses on European medieval studies within the global comparative context. A Baldwin Post-Doctoral Fellowship appointment is for a maximum of 2 years. Fellowships beginning in academic years 2024-25, 2026-27, and 2028-29 will be offered. Application submission is now closed for the fellowship beginning July 2024. Application submission for the fellowship beginning July 2026 will open in Fall 2025.

The Post-Doctoral Fellow will be a scholar whose research aligns with the goals of studying “Europe in the world” and who has demonstrated evidence of innovative methodologies. A successful applicant may work in a discipline or between disciplines in the European Middle Ages but should engage Europe in the world at micro and macro levels. We understand the European Middle Ages to include the period from the 3rd to the start of the 17th century, and where the 16th century is studied in continuity with the late medieval period. Mirroring the work of John W. Baldwin, for whom the postdoctoral fellowship is named, a successful applicant will conceive of Europe within a broader global context and be conversant across disciplines.

The Fellow will join the vibrant research and academic communities within the CMRS Center for Early Global Studies, with scholars working on all facets of early Global studies. He/she/they will have the following responsibilities and opportunities: develop their research agenda while participating regularly in CMRS-CEGS academic events; work collaboratively with a diverse group of scholars, graduate students, and other postdoctoral fellows; help to conceive the Center’s programming (including public-facing programming). He/she/they will have the opportunity to prepare one scholarly event (workshop or small symposium) hosted by CMRS-CEGS in the second year.

Named to honor the legacy of the esteemed historian John W. Baldwin, this postdoctoral fellowship is made possible by a gift from Arcadia, a charitable fund that works to protect nature, preserve cultural heritage, and promote open access to knowledge.

We are seeking to interview candidates with a demonstrable commitment to underrepresented and underserved populations and epistemologies, and with an enthusiasm for building ties across fields within the university. The appointment (which includes benefits) will be for 24 months. Salary will follow university standards for post-doctoral scholars and will reflect the applicant’s experience. Fellows are expected to be in residence for the duration of the fellowship period and to maintain active research and publication programs.