CMRS Research and Study Travel Grants

Applications closed — all funding has been awarded.

Beginning October 1, 2018, applications will be accepted for travel during calendar year 2019.  Once the annual funds have been awarded, no more submissions will be accepted until next year.

The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies offers funding in the form of reimbursement for UCLA graduate students to travel within the US or abroad for the purpose of research in any area of Medieval and Renaissance Studies or to attend an educational program or class directly related to the student’s academic training in the field of Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

To apply for a grant, the student must submit a letter of request to the CMRS Director describing the research work to be done or the program/class, and a budget of travel expenses for which reimbursement is being requested.

The maximum funding that may be requested is $2500 and students may submit only one CMRS travel grant request per academic year. Applications must be submitted at least 2 weeks before travel departure date. Mileage in excess of 250 miles and food/meal expenses cannot be reimbursed.

The number of travel grants awarded each year will depend on the amount of funding available, and the number and quality of the requests received.

View the list of CMRS Research and Study Travel Grant recipients.