Romani Fellowship

The George T. and Margaret W. Romani Fellowship is awarded to an outstanding graduate student nominated by his or her academic department. Nominees must express a commitment to pursuing studies in some aspect of the Middle Ages or Renaissance, and must be studying under the mentorship of a faculty member who is an active member of CMRS. Newly admitted, continuing, or visiting students may be nominated for the award. The fellowship consists of a $20,000 stipend. Funding for student fees, tuition, and other expenses must be provided by the recipient’s academic department or other sources. Students selected to receive the Romani Fellowship may not hold another major fellowship (i.e., an award greater than $5000) simultaneously.

The CMRS Romani Fellowship will not be offered for 2020-21. To be considered for the award, students must be nominated by their academic department. There is no application for the student to submit for the Romani Scholarship.   

Nominations will be accepted for individuals in three categories:

The Department Chair must submit a Letter of Nomination. Departments may nominate up to two students a year.

The Letter of Nomination should include:

  • A description of why the student is being nominated for the award, including an account of the student’s prospects for success in research and scholarship.
  • The name of the faculty member who will be the student’s mentor in Medieval and/or Renaissance Studies. The faculty member should be an active member of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.
  • The department’s commitment to provide funding for the student’s fees and other expenses.

In addition to the Letter of Nomination from the Department Chair, the student or the department (on behalf of the student) must submit:

  • A short statement (one page) written by the student describing his/her interests in the field of Medieval and/or Renaissance Studies and academic goals.
  • One letter of recommendation from a teacher or faculty member familiar with the student’s academic work.
  • A copy of the student’s transcripts (university level only).

Submit the Letter of Nomination and other materials to; please use “Romani Fellowship Nomination” as the subject line.

Or, send nomination letters by campus mail to:
Director, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
302 Royce Hall
Campus Mailcode 148503

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