Faculty Books

Zrinka Stahuljak, Fixers Agency, Translation, and the Early Global History of Literature, University of Chicago Press, 2023.
Henry Ansgar Kelly, Criminal-Inquisitorial Trials in English Church Courts From the Middle Ages to the Reformation, Catholic University of America Press, 2023.
Debora Shuger, Paratexts of the English Bible, 1525-1611, Oxford University Press, 2022.
Luke Yarbrough, Clara Almagro Vidal, and Jessica Tearney-Pearce, editors, Minorities in Contact in the Medieval Mediterranean, Brepols, 2021.

Winner of The Mediterranean Seminar Prize for the Best Essay Collection (2022)
Kevin Terraciano, Codex Sierra: A Nahuatl-Mixtec Book of Accounts from Colonial Mexico, University of Oklahoma Press, 2021.
Rebecca Jean Emigh, et. al., How Everyday Forms of Racial Categorization Survived Imperialist Censuses in Puerto Rico, Palgrave Macmillan, 2021.
Zrinka Stahuljak, Les Fixeurs au Moyen Âge: Histoire et littérature connectées, Seuil, 2021.
Domenico Ingenito , Beholding Beauty: Sa'di of Shiraz and the Aesthetics of Desire in Medieval Persian Poetry, Brill, 2020.
Carla Gardina Pestana, The World of Plymouth Plantation, Harvard University Press, 2020.
Zrinka Stahuljak, Médiéval contemporain. Pour une littérature connectée, Éditions Macula, 2020.
Daniel C. Remein and Erica Weaver, editors, Dating Beowulf: Studies in Intimacy, Manchester University Press, 2020.
Michael Cooperson, translator, Impostures by al-Ḥarīrī, Library of Arabic Literature, NYU Press, 2020.
Michael Cooperson, editor, Maqāmāt Abī Zayd al-Sarūjī by al-Ḥarīrī, Library of Arabic Literature, NYU Press, 2020.
Robert N. Watson,Throne of Blood, Bloomsbury/British Film Institute, 2020.

A second edition with a new Foreword, Throne of Blood is about Kurosawa’s renowned film adaptation of Macbeth.
Nimrod Hurvitz, Christian C. Sahner, Uriel Simonsohn, and Luke Yarbrough, editors, Conversion to Islam in the Premodern Age, A Sourcebook, University of California Press, 2020.
Barbara Fuchs and Mercedes García-Arenal, editors, The Quest for Certainty in Early Modern Europe: From Inquisition to Inquiry (1550-1700), University of Toronto Press, 2020.
A. R. Braunmuller and Robert N. Watson, editors, Measure for Measure, New Arden Edition, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2020.
Lowell Gallagher, James Kearney, and Julia Reinhard Lupton, editors, Entertaining the Idea: Shakespeare, Performance, and Philosophy University of Toronto Press, 2020.
Deborah J. Brown and Calvin G. Normore, Descartes and the Ontology of Evertday Life, Oxford University Press, 2019.
Jeanette Favrot Peterson and Kevin Terraciano, editors, Descartes and the Ontology of Evertday Life, University of Texas Press, 2019.
Larry Silver and Kevin Terraciano, editors, Canons and Values: Ancient to Modern, Getty Publications, 2019.
Luke Yarbrough, Friends of the Emir: Non-Muslim State Officials in Premodern Islamic Thought (Cambridge Studies in Islamic Civilization), Cambridge University Press, 2019.
Luke Yarbrough, editor and translator, The Sword of Ambition: Bureaucratic Rivalry in Medieval Egypt by 'Uthman ibn Ibrahim al-Nabulusi, NYU Press, 2019.
Andrea Moudarres, The Enemy in Italian Renaissance Epic: Images of Hostility from Dante to Tasso, University of Delaware Press, 2019.

Winner of the Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Publication Award for a Manuscript in Italian Literary Studies from the MLA.
Robert N. Watson, Volpone, by Ben Jonson, New Mermaids Series, London, 2019.

Third Edition, with revised introduction, notes, and new images.
Geoffrey Symcox, Jerusalem in the Alps: The Sacro Monte of Varallo and the Sanctuaries of North-Western Italy, Brepols, 2019. (CMRS series Cursor Mundi 37)
John Dagenais, translator, Doctrina pueril: A Primer for the Medieval World by Ramon Llull, Barcino-Tamesis, 2019.
Fikret Yegül and Diane Favro, Roman Architecture and Urbanism: From the Origins to Late Antiquity, Cambridge University Press, 2019.

PROSE (Professional and Scholarly Excellence) Award in Reference Works 2020 from the Association of American Publishers.
Gail Lenhoff, Prince Feodor the Black in Russian History and Culture, Al’ians-Archeo Publishers, Moscow-St. Petersburg, 2019.

The first full historical treatment of the prince’s career in Northeast and Western Rus’ (1270-1299) and his reception; a new definitive classification of 203 hagiographical manuscripts of his vita; analysis of hymographic sources for the three earliest services; expanded and revised descriptions of 203 manuscripts; the first critical editions of 6 vitae and 3 liturgical texts.
Jean-Claude Carron, editor, Pontus de Tyard, Solitaire premier, ou, Discours des Muses, Et de la fureur Poëtique. Œuvres Complètes, Tome II, 1, Classiques Garnier, 2019.
Mary A. and Richard H. Rouse, Renaissance Illuminators in Paris: Artists & Artisans 1500-1715, Harvey Miller Publishers, 2019.
Rinaldo F. Canalis and Massimo Ciavolella, editors, Andreas Vesalius and the ‘Fabrica’ in the Age of Printing: Art, Anatomy, and Printing in the Italian Renaissance. Brepols Publishers, 2018. (CMRS series Cursor Mundi 33)

CMRS Ahmanson conference “The Illustrated Body: Printing, Anatomy, and Art in the Renaissance,” organized by Massimo Ciavolella (Italian, UCLA), Rinaldo F. Canalis (Medicine, UCLA), and UCLA Library Special Collections, February 27-28, 2015.
Barbara Fuchs, editor, The Golden Age of Spanish Drama, Gregary Racz, translator, Norton Critical Editions, 2018.
A. Joseph McMullen and Erica Weaver, editors, The Legacy of Boethius in Medieval England: The Consolation and its Afterlives, ACMRS, 2018.
Matthew Fisher and Kristen Collins, editors, St. Albans and the Markyate Psalter: Seeing and Reading in Twelfth-Century England. Studies in Iconography: Themes and Variations (New edition). Medieval Institute Publications, 2017.

CMRS symposium “Seeing and Reading in Twelfth-Century England,” organized by Matthew Fisher (English, UCLA) and Kristen Collins (Curator, Getty Museum) at the J. Paul Getty Museum and the UCLA Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, February 1–2, 2014.
T. Barton, S. McDonough, S. McDougall, M. Wranovix, editors, Boundaries in the Medieval and Wider World, Essays in Honour of Paul Freedman. Brepols, 2017.

CMRS conference, "Boundaries in the Medieval and Wider World: Conference in Honor of Paul Freedman," October 14-15, 2016.
Lowell Gallagher, Sodomscapes: Hospitality in the Flesh, Fordham University Press, 2017.
Sharon E. J. Gerstel, editor, Viewing Greece: Cultural and Political Agency in the Medieval and Early Modern Mediterranean. Studies in the Visual Cultures of the Middle Ages, volume 11. Turnhout: Brepols, 2016.

CMRS Ahmanson Conference “Heaven and Earth: Perspectives on Greece’s Byzantium,” organized by Sharon Gerstel (Art History, UCLA), May 1–2, 2014.
Massimo Ciavolella and Gianluca Rizzo, editors, Savage Words: Invectives as a Literary Genre, Agincourt Press, 2016.

CMRS Ahmanson conference, “Savage Words: Invective as a Literary Genre,” organized by Massimo Ciavolella (Italian, UCLA) and Gianluca Rizzo (Italian, UCLA), February 5-7, 2009.
Jesse Byock, Viking Language 1 Learn Old Norse, Runes, and Icelandic Sagas, Jules Williams Press, 2015.
Zrinka Stahuljak and Elizabeth Morrison, The Adventures of Gillion de Trazegnies: Chivalry and Romance in the Medieval East. Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Museum, 2015.

CMRS symposium “East-West Relations in a Global Middle Ages,” organized by Zrinka Stahuljak (French & Francophone Studies, UCLA) in conjunction with the J. Paul Getty Museum exhibition Traversing the Globe through Illuminated Manuscripts, February 9, 2016.
Eric Jager, Blood Royal, A True Tale of Crime and Detection in Medieval Paris, Little, Brown & Company, 2014.
Timothy R. Tangherlini, editor, Nordic Mythologies: Interpretations, Intersections,and Institutions. Berkeley and Los Angeles: North Pinehurst Press, 2014.

CMRS Ahmanson conference “Nordic Mythologies: Interpretations, Intersections, and Institutions,” organized by Tim Tangherlini (Scandinavian, UCLA), April 27-28, 2012.
Davide Zori and Jesse Byock, editors, Viking Archaeology in Iceland: Mosfell Archaeological Project. Brepols Publishers, 2014. (CMRS series Cursor Mundi 20)

CMRS Ahmanson Conference, “Viking Archaeology: The Mosfell Archaeological Project,”organized by Jesse Byock (Scandinavian, UCLA), and Davide Zori (History and Archeology, Baylor Univ.), May 6-7, 2011.
Ferruccio Farina and Massimo Ciavolella, editors, Women in Hell: Francesca da Rimini & Friends Between Sin, Virtue, and Heroism. Rimini: Editrice Romagna Arte e Storia, 2013.

CMRS conference "Women in Hell: Francesca da Rimini & Friends Between Sin, Virtue, and Heroism", organized by Massimo Ciavolella (Italian, UCLA) and Ferruccio Farina (University of Urbino), April 20-21, 2012.
Jonathan Post, editor, The Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare’s Poetry. Oxford University Press, 2013.

CMRS conference “Where has all the Verse Gone? Shakespeare’s Poetry on the Page and Stage,” organized by Jonathan Post (English, UCLA), May 13-14, 2011.
Joseph Falaky Nagy, editor, Writing Down the Myths. Brepols Publishers, 2013. (CMRS series Cursor Mundi 17)

CMRS conference, "Writing Down the Myths: The Construction of Mythology in Classical & Medieval Traditions," organized by Joseph F. Nagy (English, UCLA) and Kendra Willson (Scandinavian, UCLA), April 16-18, 2009.
Zrinka Stahuljak and Noah D. Guynn, editors, Violence and The Writing of History in the Medieval Francophone World, D.S. Brewer (Gallica), 2013.

CMRS Ahmanson conference, “The Future of the Past: History in the Medieval Francophone West,” organized by Matthew Fisher (English, UCLA) and Zrinka Stahuljak (French and Francophone Studies, UCLA), January 25-26, 2011.

Christopher Baswell, editor, Medieval Manuscripts, Their Makers and Users, A Special Volume of 'Viator' in Honor of Richard and Mary Rouse. Brepols, 2011.

CMRS conference, “Medieval Manuscripts: Their Makers and Users,” organized by CMRS, the Getty Museum, and the Huntington Library, October 5-7, 2007.

Gail Lenhoff and Ann Kleimola, editors, The Book of Royal Degrees and the Genesis of Russian Historical Consciousness. Bloomington, IN: Slavica, 2011.

CMRS conference, “The Book of Royal Degrees and Russian Historical Consciousness,” organized by Gail Lenhoff (Slavic Languages and Literatures, UCLA), Feb 26-28, 2009.
Sharon E. J. Gerstel and Robert S. Nelson, editors, Approaching the Holy Mountain: Art and Liturgy at St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai, 2010. (CMRS series Cursor Mundi 11)

CMRS symposium, “Holy Image, Hallowed Ground: Icons from Sinai”, organized by Sharon E. J. Gerstel (Art History, UCLA) and The J. Paul Getty Museum in conjunction with the exhibition “Holy Image, Hallowed Ground: Icons from Sinai,” January 26-27, 2007.
Blair Sullivan, editor, The Echo of Music: Essays in Honor of Marie Louise Göllner, Harmonie Park Press 2004.

CMRS conference, April 2000.