Graduate Courses

Fall 2020



ARABIC 250 – Seminar: Premodern Arabic Literature
Seminar: Sem 1
Units: 4
Instructor(s): Cooperson, M.D.
Course Description: Seminar, three hours. Readings in Arabic texts from variety of periods and genres, along with appropriate secondary literature. Topics include pre-Islamic poetry and oratory, Qur’an, Umayyad and Abbasid poetry and literary prose, Hadith and Fiqh, historiography, biography, geography, medicine, mathematics, theology, asceticism, and mysticism.


ARMENIA 230A – Elementary Classical Armenian
Lecture: Lec 1
Units 4
Instructor(s) Cowe, P.S.
Course Description: Lecture, three hours. Course 230A is requisite to 230B, which is requisite to 230C. Introduction to grammar of classical literary language (5th to mid-19th century) and guided readings in narrative prose texts.

Art History

ART HIS 217D – Byzantine Art, Architecture, and Archaeology
Seminar: Sem 1
Units 4
Instructor(s) Gerstel, S.E.
Course Description: Seminar, two hours. Selected topics in Byzantine art and architecture.


Fall 2020 LAMAR Seminar
CLASSIC 250 – Topics in Greek and Roman Culture and Literature: Late Antique World: Transitions and Transformations between Classical and Medieval
Seminar: Sem 1
Units 2/4
Instructor(s) Beckmann, S.E.
Course Description: Seminar, three hours. Interdisciplinary study on topics of ancient Greek and Roman culture and/or literature.
Class Description: Focus on late antiquity as historical period and scholarly construct. Using primary evidence (art, artifact, literature), modern scholarship, and varied methodological approaches, examination of origins and consequences of late antique transformations in Mediterranean world, ca. 3rd – 7th c. CE. To synthesize, and problematize, how late antique phenomena respond and react to classical, and prefigure and provoke the medieval, students consider late antique texts and material culture in dialogue with earlier and later historical witnesses. Each meeting focuses on a particular late antique theme or problem. Topics include but are not limited to: decline of Roman Empire; division of East and West; rise of Christian church; paideia and persistence of Greco-Roman intellectual traditions; advent of new late antique aesthetics; and demographic change precipitated by arrival of social minorities and ethnic and cultural outsiders in Roman institutions and territories.


ENGL 244 – Old and Medieval English Literature
Seminar: Sem 1
Units 4
Instructor(s) Chism, C.N.
Course Description: Seminar, four hours. Studies in poetry and prose of Old and medieval English literature; limits of investigation set by individual instructor.


HEBREW 230 – Rabbinic Hebrew Literature
Seminar: Sem 1
Units 4
Instructor(s) Bakhos, C.A.
Course Description: Seminar, three hours.


HIST C201N – Topics in History: Africa: Africa and Indian Ocean
Seminar: Sem 1
Units 4
Instructor(s) Wint, H.
Course Description: (Formerly numbered 201N.) Seminar, three hours. Designed for graduate students. Reading and discussion of selected topics.
Class Description: Study of Indian Ocean as academic field and expanding space of geo-political interest. Seeking to interrogate boundaries both of national (and nationalist) histories and of Areas Studies, Indian Ocean scholars have long drawn inspiration from thalassological approaches to Mediterranean and Atlantic. Yet Indian Ocean as historical space defies easy definition or periodization and as analytical space continues to be dominated by certain regions, actors, and narratives. While Africa and Africans have largely remained on periphery of Indian Ocean studies, Indian Ocean has long been at heart of East African history and historiography. Study seeks to situate both Africans and African history within Indian Ocean studies and Indian Ocean within study of Africa. Reading classical texts from these overlapping scholarships alongside newer Indian Ocean scholarly literature, as well as diverse primary sources, students analyze possibilities, politics, and limitations of Oceanic unit of analysis.


ITALIAN 216B – Studies in the Renaissance: Ariosto and Renaissance Epic
Lecture: Lec 1
Units 4
Instructor(s) Moudarres, A.
Course Description: Lecture, three hours.


MUSCLG C490T – Early Music Ensemble
Activity: Act 1
Units 4
Instructor(s) Winkle, M.D.
Course Description: Activity, four hours. Preparation: audition. Group performance of Western vocal and instrumental music from historical periods prior to 1800. Early instruments may be used at instructor’s discretion.