Postdoctoral Scholars

Postdoctoral Scholars enrich the academic and research work of CMRS-CEGS’s faculty, associates, and students, as well as that of the campus, regional, and global communities. The Center promotes the professional development of postdoctoral scholars in a variety of ways, including two-year postdoctoral fellowships (the John W. Baldwin Post-Doctoral Fellowship), short-term fellowships to support research in UCLA’s Library Special Collections (the Ahmanson Research Fellowships), and postdoctoral appointments working with CMRS-CEGS faculty on grant-funded research projects (the Race in the Global Past through Native Lenses).


Basil Price, John W. Baldwin Postdoctoral Fellow

Daniel P. Gámez, “Race in the Global Past through Native Lenses,” University of California Presidential Postdoctoral Scholar

Solsiré Cusicanqui Marsano, “Race in the Global Past through Native Lenses” Postdoctoral Fellow