Comitatus, published annually by the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, publishes articles by graduate students and recent PhDs working in any field of medieval or Renaissance studies.

Beginning with volume 33 (2002) Comitatus is available through the Project MUSE online catalogue.

Volumes 1–32 are available through the California Digital Library.

Volume 47 (2016)

Editor: Heather Sottong (Italian, UCLA)
Editorial Board: Sara Burdorff (English, UCLA), Elizabeth Comuzzi (History, UCLA), Rebecca Hill (English, UCLA), Andrew Hiltzik (Italian, UCLA), Adam Woodhouse Mowl (History, UCLA), Cristina Politano (French and Francophone Studies, UCLA), Alexandra Verini (English, UCLA)
Managing Editor: Blair Sullivan

  • Chris Vinsonhaler, “The Hearmscaþa and the Handshake: Desire and Disruption in the Grendel Episode”
  • Catherine Niehaus, “Appropriating Divinity: Iconography, Functionality, and Authority in Latium Acheropita Copies, ca. 12th-14th Century”
  • Nahir I. Otaño Gracia, “Vikings of the Round Table: Kinship in the Islendigasögur and the Riddarasögur
  • Lydia Shahan, “Beholding the Handmaids of the Lord: the Virgin Mary as Model in Thirteenth-century Anchoritic Texts”
  • Chelsea Skalak, “Clandestine Marriage and the Church: King Horn after the Fourth Lateran Council”
  • Sarah J. Sprouse, “Two Sets of Hunters: The Illusion of Gomenin Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  • Luke Mueller, “Contesting Individuality: Pryvetee and Self-Profession in The Canterbury Tales
  • Elif Boyacioğlu, “Reforming the Dead: the Long-term Effects of Reformation Deritualization on the Returning Dead in England, with a Particular Focus on the Seventeenth Century”

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