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Islamic Sensory History: Notes on an Emerging Field

Kaplan 365

The sensory turn in many areas of the humanities has failed to make a significant impression on Islamic and Middle East Studies, and on the study of Islamic history in particular. In the last couple of years, however, there has been a rise in interest in historical manifestations of the Muslim sensorium. This is demonstrated...

Magdeburg, 1554: Flacius Illyricus Applies for a Grant

Royce 314 Online

A lecture by Professor Anthony Grafton (Princeton University). Ecclesiastical history began in the 1550s, when the Lutheran Matthias Flacius Illyricus organized a collaborative century-by-century history of Christianity. This confessional project never reached completion, and its thick volumes met with severe criticism from co-religionists as well as Catholics. Nonetheless, it provided a new model for the...

Illustrating the Vitae patrum: The Rise of the Eremitic Ideal in Fourteenth-Century Italy

Royce Hall Room 314

The Annual Richard & Mary Rouse History of the Book Lecture In the late third and fourth centuries, a number of men and women from Egypt, Palestine, and Syria chose to make a daring break with society, renouncing their familial claims and wealth so that they could lead a life of perfection in the desert....