Humanities Conference Room


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1. As of July 1, 2015, the rental rate for Royce 314 is $125 (per day or any portion thereof).
2. Who can use the Humanities Conference Room?
- Departments and centers in the Humanities Division of the UCLA College of Letters and Science have priority in reserving the Humanities Conference Room (Royce 314). Reservations can be made no more than three years in advance.
- Non-Humanities UCLA departments/centers may use the room if it is available, but may not make a reservation more than six months before the date of the event.
- UCLA student groups or organizations may not rent the room. Reservations for student events must be made by an academic department which assumes responsibility for the rental cost as well as for any damages resulting from the event.
- Non-UCLA groups or organizations may not rent the room.
3. To find out the dates when Royce 314 is available, contact Benay Furtivo at 310-206-0559 or and provide the following information:
- Date and time requested
- Department name
- Phone number or email address where you can be reached
4. If the room is available, complete the Reservation Formand submit it by email to Benay. The reservation is not considered confirmed until we have received a completed and signed room reservation form.
5. Tentative holds on the room will be released 30 days before the date being held if the reservation has not been confirmed. A courtesy email will be sent to the person who requested the hold notifying them of the room's release.
6. The room reservation must be cancelled at least two working days before the scheduled event or the full rental amount ($125) will be charged.
7. EOL Registration is required! All events taking place in Royce 314 must be entered into the Events On Line (EOL) system. If you have not yet been designated an Organizer in EOL, please call the System Administrator at x63274 or x58989.
8. Those renting the room should request a walkthrough of the audio-visual equipment in the room. Contact Brett for an appointment:
1. Royce 314 is a large conference room that can accomodate up to 120 people. The room is approximately 48' x 32', with a raised dais at one end.
2. The room is equipped with four 6' long tables and two smaller tables.
3. The room has 120 upholstered, stacking chairs that may be arranged within the room as required.
4.Audio-visual equipment includes: one podium-mounted microphone; one wireless hand-held microphone; a video/data projector with VGA and HDMI ports; a Blu-ray DVD player; VGA cable; HDMI cable; TRS audio (standard headphone) jack; XLR audio jacks in the floor of the stage; wi-fi; ethernet wall ports. No VGA adaptors are available -- Mac users must bring their own! There is no telephone line.
5. The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator and freezer, a conventional oven, a microwave oven, a four-burner stove, and a sink.
6. Use the pull-cords next to the curtains to open or close them. Do not directly pull or tug the curtains!
7. Third floor restrooms are located in room 321A (Men's Room) and room 351 (Women's Room).
1. Set up a time before your event to pick up keys for Royce 314. Keys are obtained at Royce 302.
2. Please make an appointment before your event for a walk-through of the room to determine what items you will need to order. Contact Brett for an appointment:
3. Staffing an event is the sole responsibility of the reserving group. You are responsible for unlocking the room for Audio-Visual Services, Catering, or any other deliveries. You are responsible for supervising the set-up before, and clean-up after the event. You must always be present during the entire event.
4. Power down the computer, the projector, the lights, and the microphones. All equipment must be turned off. Leave all curtains open. Return the furniture to the default setup as shown in the room layout diagram.
5. Lock the room! IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE RESERVING DEPARTMENT TO LOCK THE DOORS UPON THE CONCLUSION OF THE EVENT. You must stay with the room until all delivered items have been picked up by the vendor (e.g., catering, additional chairs, audio-visual equipment). The room key must be returned by 10:00 a.m. the next business day.
6. Royce Hall closes nightly at 7:00 pm and weekend access is limited. The reserving department is responsible for obtaining access to the building for weekend and after hour events. For weekend events, on-line FSRs at must be submitted to Facilities by Thursday at noon to ensure access to Royce Hall.
7. The reserving department is responsible for leaving the room neat and clean. The Humanities Conference Room is checked after each event. Any damage (e.g., stains on the carpet or the upholstered chairs) will be noted and the reserving department will be responsible for paying the additional cleaning fee. Following your event, the room must be restored to the standard position (see the room layout diagram PDF). Events are often scheduled back-to-back, so it is vital you restore the room to the original standard arrangement and pick up any trash on the floor. Leave the trash in the trash cans in the room and do not set it in the hall.
8. The UCLA Department renting the room is liable for the repair cost for damages to any university property, equipment, or facilities for which it is responsible. Signs cannot be posted on any walls in Royce Hall, including rooms, halls, and stairs -- please use easels to post your notices.. The renter will not make any alterations or additions to the premises.
9. Extra amenities such as chairs, tables, extension cords, microphones, and trash cans can be ordered from Facilities or AVS, or an outside vendor. Portable heaters cannot be used on the Royce Hall loggia.
10. You must be present in the room to supervise any drop-offs or pick-ups of delivered items such as catering or audio-visual equipment. Be advised that USE OF THE ROYCE HALL LOADING DOCK IS PROHIBITED unless coordinated through Bozkurt “Bozzy” Karasu (Theater Management Services Production Manager) at 310-206-1239 or Lorrie Snyder (Royce Hall Facility Manager) at 310-794-4048.
11. Problems
- For problems with the building or systems (e.g., bathrooms, elevators, lights, air-conditioning, etc.) contact the Facilities Management Trouble Call Desk at 310-825-9236 or 310-825-1423.
- Air conditioning, heating, and fans are controlled automatically. There are no manual controls in the room. From 8 am - 3 pm call 310-825-7454; after 3 pm call 310-825-3360, or call the Trouble Desk number above.
12. The reserving department is responsible for lost and found items.
13. Smoking is prohibited in the Humanities Conference Room, all of Royce Hall, and anywhere on the entire UCLA campus.
14. No amplified musical performances are allowed. Also not allowed are candles or glitter.
15. For parking, if you anticipate that there will be fifty or more attendees at your event, contact Campus Parking at 310-825-1286 at least four weeks before your event.
16. There may be a concurrent events in the Royce Hall Auditorium. It is recommended you contact the UCLA Events Office at ext. 58989 or search the Happenings Events Calendar at before booking your reservation to ensure other events will not have an adverse effect on your event. The Morris Humanities Seminar Room is adjacent to the auditorium, and performances can occassionally be heard from inside the Morris Humanities Seminar Room depending on the nature of the performance. The auditorium schedule, particularly rehearsal schedules, tends to change at the last minute. This is a fact of life in Royce Hall. If you feel potential last-minute auditorium performances or rehearsals will be a problem, it is suggested you rent a microphone from AVS to ensure your speakers can be heard in the Morris Humanities Seminar Room.

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