Viator, CMRS’s scholarly journal, publishes articles of distinction in any field of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, viewed broadly as the period between late antiquity and the mid-seventeenth century. The journal gives special consideration to articles that cross frontiers, that focus on meetings between cultures, pursue an idea through the centuries, or employ methods of different disciplines simultaneously, while remaining accessible to the non-specialist reader. Viator is published by Brepols Publishers, Belgium, three issues per year. Each issue is predominantly in English, with occasional articles in French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Print copies can be ordered by clicking here. In addition to a print version, each issue appears simultaneously at, where individual articles can be purchased and downloaded. Subscriptions to Viator (ISSN 0083-5897) are available as print only, print and online, and online only and can be ordered by writing to Brepols Publishers.

Editor: Henry Ansgar Kelly (English, UCLA)

Managing Editor: Heather Sottong (CMRS, UCLA)

Editorial Board: John Dagenais (Spanish & Portuguese, UCLA); Matthew Fisher (English, UCLA); Sharon Gerstel (Art History, UCLA); Jessica Goldberg (History, UCLA); Efraín Kristal (Comparative Literature, UCLA); Peter Stacey (History, UCLA)

Editorial Consultants: Brigitte Buettner (Smith College); Courtney M. Booker (University of British Columbia); Jean-Claude Carron (University of California, Los Angeles); Jamie Fumo (Florida State University); Patrick J. Geary (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, and University of California, Los Angeles); Sarah James (University of Kent); Chris Jones (University of Canterbury, Christchurch); Constant Mews (Monash University); Andrea Moudarres (University of California, Los Angeles); Cary J. Nederman (Texas A&M University); Thomas O’Donnell (Fordham University); Kristen Lee Over (Northeastern Illinois University); Eric Palazzo (Université de Poitiers); Edward Schoolman (University of Nevada, Reno); Elisa Tosi Brandi (Università di Bologna).

Viator 49.1 (Spring 2018)

  • Robert Kasperski, “Jordanes versus Procopius of Caesarea: Considerations Concerning a Certain Historiographic Debate on How to Solve ‘the Problem of the Goths'”
  • Lars Kjær, “‘I Fear Greeks, Even When They Bear Gifts’: The Gifts of Alexios I and the Histories of the First Crusade”
  • Marilynn Desmond, “Translatio in Wax: The Wax Tablet and the Composition of Benoît de Sainte-Maure’s Roman de Troie
  • Joshua Easterling, “Anchorites and Orthodox Culture: Spiritual Instruction in the Twelfth Century”
  • Elizabeth Carson Pastan, “‘Familiar as the Rose in Spring’: The Circular Window in the West Façade of Saint-Denis”
  • Katherine L. Hodges-Kluck, “Canterbury and Jerusalem, England and the Holy Land, c. 1150–1220”
  • Gina Brandolino, “Working Miracles: Seeing Active Supplicants in Marian Miracle Stories”
  • Gustavo Fernández Riva, “Critic of Courtliness in Konrad von Würzburg’s Heinrich von Kempten
  • Michalis Olympios, “A Tomb for All Seasons: The Cenotaph of Saint Audomarus at Saint-Omer and the Performative Mutability of Art in the Late Middle Ages”
  • Matthew Coneys, “Real and Virtual Pilgrims and the Italian Version of the Book of John Mandeville
  • Gania Barlow, “Remodeling Authorship in Lydgate’s Fall of Princes
  • Thierry Alcoloumbre, “Une langue que les anges n’entendent point”: L’Araméen dans la pensée du Maharal de Prague (1520–1609)”