Viator offers a space for renewed attention to transcultural studies from late antiquity into early modernity, while continuing its long-standing tradition of publishing articles of distinction in the established fields of medieval and Renaissance studies. In keeping with its title, “traveler,” the journal gives special consideration to articles that cross frontiers, focus on meetings between cultures, pursue an idea through the centuries, or employ methods of different disciplines simultaneously, while remaining accessible to the non-specialist reader. We particularly welcome articles that look beyond Western Eurasia and North Africa and consider the history, literature, art, and thought of the eras of early global interconnection from broader perspectives.

We are pleased to announce that, beginning with vol. 51, Viator now publishes color images in every issue. Please refer to these guidelines when preparing your manuscript for submission.

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  • Editor: Matthew Fisher (English, UCLA)
  • Managing Editor: Allison McCann (CMRS, UCLA)
  • Editorial Board: Javier Patiño Loira (Spanish & Portuguese, UCLA); Peter Stacey (History, UCLA); Erica Weaver (English, UCLA); Bronwen Wilson (Art History, UCLA); Luke Yarbrough (Near Eastern Languages & Cultures, UCLA).
  • Extended Editorial Board: Thomas Barton (University of San Diego); Michal Biran (Hebrew University of Jerusalem); Jessalynn Bird (Saint Mary’s College); Cécile Fromont (Yale University); Matthew Gabriele (Virginia Tech); Afrodesia McCannon (New York University); Roberta Morosini (Wake Forest University); Wen-chin Ouyang (SOAS University of London); Daniel Power (Swansea University); Helmut Reimitz (Princeton University); Christian Sahner (University of Oxford); Tatiana Seijas (Rutgers University); Leah Shopkow (Indiana University Bloomington); Misha Teramura (University of Toronto); Torfi Tulinius (University of Iceland).

Viator 52.1

Viator Cluster: Humans and Animals on the Move

  • Humans and Animals on the Move
    Przemysław Marciniak
  • Of Monks and Movable Beasts: Animals as Fellow Travelers in the Navigatio sancti Brendani abbatis
    Aylin Malcolm
  • Always by Your Side – A Special Relationship: Ibn Abī l-Ashʿath on Humans and Horses
    Jens Ole Schmitt
  • Diplomatic Exchange of Animals during the Reign of the Ilkhan Abū Saʿīd
    Leon Volfovsky
  • Elephant Diplomacy: A Disturbing Gift for the Khagan of the Avars
    Marco Cristini
  • The Dog as Faithful Christian in Alfonso de Espina’s Fortalitium fidei
    Ana L. Méndez-Oliver
  • Caput lupinum: Appropriating and Rewriting the Wolf Motif in the Gesta Herewardi’s Literary Landscape
    Kimberly Lifton
  • Animal Auguries and Evangelization in Sixteenth-Century New Spain
    Chris Valesey
  •  “Hunger hard”: Food Scarcity and Animal Slaughter in King Richard
    Megan Lonsinger 

Regular Essays

  • The Kriegsfahne of Queen Gerberga and the Liudolfing Ascendancy in the West
    Fraser McNair 
  • Baddo, “Daughter of Arthur, King of England”: Some Medieval Evidence of the Arthurian Filiation Attributed to a Sixth-Century Visigothic Queen
    Hélène Sirantoine 
  • The Function of Twelfth-Century Form in the Chronicle of Richard of Devizes
    Marisa Libbon
  • Paris-Babylon/Paris-Jerusalem: Masculinity, Moral Contagion, and the Founding of the Earliest Parisian Colleges
    Charles Carroll
  • “The soul loves its own flesh”: Death and Dying in the Helfta Literature and Bernard’s Sermons on the Song of Songs
    Jessica Barr 
  • “For those who have been made worthy of favor by new conversion”: Angevin Policies toward Jews and Converts in Naples and Provence, 1285–1309
    Jessica Marin Elliott
  • Greek and Philohellenism in England during the Long Thirteenth Century: The Evidence from the Books of the Religious Houses
    Carlotta Barranu
  •  Judicial Processes for and against Bishop Reginald Pecock: New Perspectives on the Mechanisms of His Downfall
    Henry Ansgar Kelly
  • Sapi Export Ivories and Manueline Art: A Connected History
    Luís Urbano Afonso