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Volume 50 (2019)
Editor: Kersti Francis (English, UCLA)

Editorial Board: Jeffrey Dymond (History, UCLA), Campbell Garland (Art History, UCLA), Adriana Guarro (Italian, UCLA), Robert Iafolla (History, UCLA), Misho Ishikawa (English, UCLA), Anne Le (French, UCLA), Rhonda Sharrah (English, UCLA), Rachel Daphne Weiss (Art History, UCLA).

Managing Editor: Heather Sottong (Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA)

    • Table of Contents:
  • Triumphant Martyrdom and Inglorious Victimhood: Abelard’s Exegesis of Jephtha’s Daughters Sacrifice, YEVGEN GALONA
  • Tokens of his Rule: The Royal Image on the Coins of Roger II, PATRICK MORGAN
  • The Broken Body in Eleventh–Thirteenth-century Anglo-Scandinavian Literature, MATTHEW FIRTH
  • Horrifying Bodies: Waste in Monastic Imagination, ALLISON GOSE
  • The Orchard and the “Ympe Tre”: Gardening, Mastery, and Ecology in Sir Orfeo, ELEANOR GRIGGS
  • Literature, Sacrifice, and Miracles: A Morisco Reimagining of the Prophet Abraham, ROBERT HULTGREN
  • Contructing the Image of a Cardinal-Prince: Child Portraits of Giovanni de’ Medici by Bronzino and Salviati, DANA V. HOGAN
  • “Easy and Sweet”: Thomas Traherne’s Method of Meditation, OLIVIA ANDERSON
  • Book Reviews