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Volume 49 (2018)
Editor: Alexandra Verini (English, UCLA)

Editorial Board: Patrick Bonczyk (Musicology, UCLA); Katherine Bonnici (English, UCLA); Kersti Francis (English, UCLA); Campbell Garland (Art History, UCLA); Andrew Hiltzik (Italian, UCLA); Robert Iafolla (History, UCLA); Anne Le (French, UCLA); Patrick Morgan (History, UCLA).

Managing Editor: Blair Sullivan (Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA)

Assistant Editor: Heather Sottong (Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA)

    • Table of Contents:
  • Burying a Saintly King and his Dynasty: Memory and Representation in Twelfth- and Thirteenth-Century Castile, RICHARD P. IBARRA
  • The Treacherous Oath of the Erembalds: A New Look into the Ties of the Group of Count Charles the Good’s Murderers, BART PETERS
  • The Road to Antioch: Wace’s Vie de sainte Marguerite on Crusade, CRISTINA POLITANO
  • “Etaynez þat hym anelede of þe heȝe felle”: Ghosts of Giants in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, DUSTIN GEERAERT
  • Femmina masculo e masculo femmina: Androgynous Beauty and Ambiguous Sexualities in the Italian Renaissance, ELEANOR WEBB
  • Intentional Irrationality: The Sacro Bosco at Bomarzo, JESSIE FONTANA-MAISEL
  • From “Art of Memory” to Naturalism: Andrea Alciato and the Development of the Early Modern Emblem, RACHEL MASTERS CARLISLE
  • Embedded Collections: The Cappella dei Principi and its Forerunners, LINDSAY ALBERTS
  • Book Reviews