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Volume 51 (2020)

Editor: Anne Le (European Languages and Transcultural Studies, UCLA)
Editorial Board: Robert Iafolla (History, UCLA), Richard Ibarra (History, UCLA), Misho Ishikawa (English, UCLA), Rhonda Sharrah (English, UCLA), Rachel Daphne Weiss (Art History, UCLA), Stanley Wu (English, UCLA)
Managing Editor: Allison McCann (Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA) 

Table of Contents:

  • “Dialogues with Ginnungagap: Norse Runestones in a Culture of Magic”
    Andrea C. Snow 
  • “Autobiographical Perspective and Allegorical Conceptualization in Charles d’Orléans’s Poetry of Confinement and Captivity”
    Anthony Nicolas Radoiu 
  • “Whence, Plain Style? Renaissance Monolingualism and the City”
    Melih Levi
  • “The Triumphs of Petrarch at Hampton Court Palace: Weaving an Italian Iconography in a Netherlandish Tapestry”
    Bryn Critz Schockmel
  • “Sixteenth-Century Renaissance Utopianism: Conceptions of Ideal and Virtuous Governments in Gasparo Contarini’s Treatise on Venice and Thomas More’s Utopia”
    Johanna Sinclair 
  • “Physical and Spiritual Conversion: Femininity and Religious Materiality in Three Early Modern English Plays”
    Cody W. Krumrie 
  • “Spenser’s Colonialism and Shakespeare’s Critique: The “Irish  Question” and the Nine Years War in The Faerie Queene and Troilus and Cressida”
    Elizabeth Ricketts
  • “Raphael on Trial: Digestive Ontology and Milton’s Absolution of God”
    Unjoo Oh
  • Book Reviews

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