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UCLA CMRS-CEGS TEXTS IN TRANSLATION presents new English translations of primary texts from around the world, spanning late antiquity to the mid-seventeenth century. We welcome proposals from scholars from all disciplines and at all career stages. Digital editions of TEXTS IN TRANSLATION titles are distributed via Project MUSE.

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Reginald Pecock. The Book of Faith: A Modern English Translation. Translated by J. A. T. Smith. 2020.
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Reginald Pecock (ca. 1390–1459) was the cause of a great scandal for the late medieval Church. In the autumn of 1457, the bishop of Chichester confessed, among other things, that the Church itself could err in matters of faith. On the eve of the Protestant Reformation, however, a high-ranking cleric making such a claim was both embarrassing and a big liability. The Book of Faith, finished just months before Pecock’s disgrace, is the only record of this claim. Whether Pecock wrote portions of the treatise in anticipation of an assault that he already saw being set in motion against him, or whether it unintentionally foreshadowed what the highest levels of clerical dissent could look like, this book nonetheless represents a unique attempt to reconcile a critical laity with a conservative Church.

In the only modern English translation of Pecock’s work, the impassioned, earnest, and often exasperated bishop comes to life—and along with him the drama of religious dissent in the pre-Reformation English Church.

About the Author: J. A. T. Smith is Associate Professor of English at Pepperdine University, Malibu, California.



How to propose a title for the TEXTS IN TRANSLATION series:

Send a proposal dossier to Dr. Allison McCann at allisonmccann@humnet.ucla.edu.

    Your proposal dossier should contain the following information:

  • Working title.
  • CV(s) for each author/editor/translator and email adress(es).
  • A preliminary table of contents including word count estimates.
  • The rationale for the edition and a sample translation.
  • A list of other editions and translations (in any language) of your primary text.
  • Formatting and design considerations, such as whether the translation will be presented side-by-side with its original language or if there are any tables, charts, or illustrations.
  • A list of at least five scholars who would be suitable peer reviewers.
  • Any grants, subventions, or other support that you may apply for to offset editing, indexing, and permissions costs.

A PDF version of the proposal form is available at this link.