Supporting Students

Published: June 16, 2020

CMRS is providing a total of $58,520 of financial support to graduate students for the summer of 2020. The Center was able to make these fellowships available in part by redirecting funding that would have been used for Spring Quarter 2020 programs that had to be cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

CMRS has also awarded an additional $42,500 to graduate students for the coming 2020-2021 academic year.

LAMAR Summer Fellowships
Nicolyna Enriquez (Art History)
Isabella Gallagher (Comp Lit)
Misho Ishikawa (English)
Rebecca King (English)
Karime Parodi Ambel (Spanish & Portuguese)
Stanley Wu (English)

CMRS Graduate Student Summer Fellowships
Shane Black (Comp Lit)
Tania Bride (History)
Sarah Cantor (Italian)
Alberto Daniel Diaz (NELC)
Jeffrey Dymond (History)
Dyese Elliott-Newton (English)
Julie Ershadi (NELC)
Cynthia Fang (Art History)
Franka Horvat (Art History)
Laura Hutchingame (Art History)
Valentina Lunardi (PIES)
Leah Marangos (Art History)
Patrick Morgan (History)
Sofia Pitouli (Art History)

Lynn and Maude White Fellowship for 2020-21
David Bardeen (Art History)

Ahmanson Research Fellowships for the Study of Medieval & Renaissance Books and Manuscripts
Kate Driscoll, PhD Candidate, Italian Studies, UC Berkeley
Kristen Keach, PhD candidate, Italian Studies, UC Berkeley
Stacie Vos, PhD Candidate, Literatures in English, UC San Diego

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