LAMAR Seminar for Fall 2021: Digital/Medieval: Resistant Archives

Published: June 9, 2021

Professor Matthew Fisher (English) is teaching the next LAMAR Seminar in the Fall. The course, English 257, “Digital/Medieval: Resistant Archives” will focus on the theoretical and practical complexities of contemporary archives, digitization and archival preservation practice, and medieval documents and books.

Working hands-on with UCLA’s collections, and also hands-on with some of the interoperable data available from various digital projects from around the world (including but not limited to IIIF, the Digital mappa project, the Mapping Manuscript Migration project, and others), the seminar will offer students an opportunity to both encounter the practical difficulties of archival and digital work on medieval books/texts, and also to situate those difficulties in theoretical discussions about archives, manuscripts, and book history more generally.

Visiting speakers will make presentations to the class: Whitney Trettien (Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Pennsylvania); Urvashi Chakravarty (Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Toronto); Bridget Whearty (Assistant Professor, English, General Literature, and Rhetoric, Binghamton University, State University of New York); Marisa Libbon (Associate Professor of Literature, Bard College).