Graduate Student Awards for 2022-23

Published: June 13, 2022

The Center is pleased to grant a total of $160,730 (as of June 6, 2022) for AY 2022-23. Congratulations to all the fellows and grant recipients!

Supplemental Recruitment Fellowships for 2022-2023
Emily Ostlander (Art History)
Earl Henandez (Archaeology)

CMRS-CEGS Dissertation Research Fellowship for 2022-2023
Nicolyna Enriquez (Art History)

Lynn and Maude White Fellowship for 2022-2023
Robin Kello (English) 

Romani Fellowship for 2022-2023
Laura Hutchingame (Art History) 

Graduate Student Summer Fellowships for Summer 2022
David Bardeen (Art History)
Julie Ershadi (NELC)
Kersti Francis (English)
Eden Franz (Archaeology)
Richard Ibarra (History)
Laura Hutchingame (Art History)
Robin Kello (English)
Richard Kim (ALC)
Anne Le (ELTS)
Valentina Lunardi (PIES)
Leah Marangos (Art History)
Jodie Miller (ELTS-French)
Patrick Morgan (History)
Alba Menendez Pereda (Archaeology)
Rachel Daphne Weiss (Art History)

Conference Travel Grants (as of 6/6/22)
Misho Ishikawa (English)

Research and Study Travel Grants (as of 6/6/22)
Rachel Kaufman (History)