Festschrift for Paul Freedman

Published: November 2, 2017

The proceedings from the conference we sponsored last year in honor of Professor Paul Freedman (History, Yale University) are now available from Brepols Publishers as Volume 22 of the Europa Sacra series, Boundaries in the Medieval and Wider World: Essays in Honour of Paul Freedman, edited by Thomas Barton, Susan McDonough, Matthew Wranovix, and Sara McDougall.

Paul Freedman is a scholar who cannot be easily classified. He is a medieval historian, a social historian, a scholar of Spain and of Church history. Additionally, he is firmly established as a leading scholar in food studies. Both in and out of medieval studies, Freedman’s work always brings into consideration boundaries that are challenged or crossed: public and private; personal and institutional; spiritual and secular; elite and peasant; exotic and familiar. These conference proceedings identify, assess, and elaborate on Professor Freedman’s remarkable achievements and celebrate his innovative approach to scholarship by examining the legal, political, social, spiritual, and sensory boundaries of medieval Europe and beyond.

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