Conference Proceedings: Iberia, the Mediterranean and the Larger World in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Periods

Published: April 22, 2021

Seven essays from the 2018 CMRS Conference “Iberia, the Mediterranean, and the World in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods” are featured as a dossier in Volume 40 of Pedralbes, Revista d’història moderna (2020). Published under the auspices of the Universitat de Barcelona, the journal is open-access and the articles are free to download.

  • Introduction: “Iberia, the Mediterranean and the larger world in the late medieval and early modern periods”
    Thomas W. Barton, Marie A. Kelleher, Antonio M. Zaldívar
  • “Mediterranean trade in the Pyrenees: Italian merchants in Puigcerdà, 1300-1360.”
    Elizabeth Comuzzi
  • “Insuring life, insuring debt: Life insurance in sixteenth-century Spain.”
    Hilario Casado Alonso
  • “Mediterranean horse cultures: Greek, Roman and Arabic equine texts in late medieval and early modern Andalusia.”
    Kathryn Renton
  • “Professions of exchange: Circulating expertise between Spanish Habsburg lands and Saadian Morocco.”
    Claire Gilbert
  • “Bonds of sweetness: A political and intellectual history of citrus circulations across the Western Mediterranean during the Late Renaissance.”
    Fabien Montcher
  • “Apostasy, usurpation, and biblical genealogies: The question of sovereignty in Iberian encounters in the tropics (15th-16th centuries).”
    Andrew Devereux
  • “Hidden subjectivities in objective measures: Spanish perceptions of geographic space in North Africa.”
    Yuen-Gen Liang