British Paleography Class, Fall 2019

Published: May 14, 2019

ENGL M215A Paleography of Vernacular Manuscripts from the British Isles, c. 800 to 1500

Cross-listed as: CLASSIC M218, FRNCH M210, HIST M218
Prof. Matthew Fisher
Tuesdays 12:00 – 1:50 pm
Fall 2019

Every manuscript is unique. There is no “history of the book” wholly separate from the history of individual books. This class will train students in how to read, look at, and generally make sense of manuscripts produced in Britain from the earliest writings to the beginning of print culture in England. As part of this conversation, we will necessarily consider the role of technology in re-mediating our encounters with manuscripts. The seminar will meet twice per week. One meeting each week will be held in UCLA’s Special Collections, working hands-on with UCLA’s remarkable and teaching-focused collection of medieval manuscripts, leaves, and fragments.

Though this seminar will primarily be focused on medieval books, our conversations about book history need not be so limited. Students working on early modern and 17th/18th century book history and material culture have taken the class and written final seminar papers commensurate with their interests.

This course is cross-listed with French (FRNCH M210), Classics (CLASSIC M218), and History (HIST M218).  Students from other departments are welcome to contact Prof. Matthew Fisher for more information or to request a PTE number.