Andy Kelly Prize for Best Article in Viator

Published: February 7, 2024

We are pleased to announce the Andy Kelly Prize for Best Article in Viator, awarded biannually to an essay published in the preceding two volumes of Viator and judged by the selection committee to be exceptional. All eligible articles will be reviewed by the Viator Prize Committee. The winner will receive $1000.

The prize acknowledges Andy Kelly’s role in Viator’s history, first as an assistant editor to the journal under founding editor Lynn White, jr., then as joint editor, and lastly as the sole editor from 2004 to 2020. Andy Kelly’s vast knowledge, generous intellect, flawless Latin, and careful discernment guided Viator through fifty years of publishing outstanding scholarship. The Andy Kelly Prize for Best Article in Viator recognizes that legacy for the future.

Viator and the UCLA CMRS Center for Early Global Studies are grateful to acknowledge the generous anonymous donation that sustains this prize.

The 2024 winner of the inaugural Andy Kelly Prize for Best Article in Viator is Lane B. Baker, for his essay “The Sound of Sin: Episcopal Noise Regulation in the Later Middle Ages,” published in Viator 52, no. 2. Baker’s essay was chosen for its theoretical innovation and meticulous archival work across an impressively broad scope.

Honorable mention was awarded to Luís Urbano Afonso, “Sapi Export Ivories and Manueline Art: A Connected History,” Viator 52, no. 1.

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