Faculty Awards and Achievements

Published: June 12, 2023

Congratulations to our our faculty at the CMRS Center for Early Global Studies for these recent accomplishments!

Marianna Birnbaum, Professor Emerita in the UCLA Department of European Languages and Transcultural Studies, recently contributed to the Festshrift honoring the English Renaissance scholar, Professor Gyorgy Szonyi. Her novel Felarnyekban and Miniaturak, a collection of essays, were published in Hungary last year. Additionally last year, she rediscovered a short novel The Bombardment of Abo by the Swiss Nobel laureate Carl Spitteler and translated it into English and wrote the re-introduction to the author, noting the influence his work had on the thinking of Freud and Jung. Her two-volume novel about her parents is currently being staged in Budapest at the Golem Theater.

Meredith Cohen, Associate Professor of Medieval Art and Architecture in the UCLA Department of Art History, had the good fortune of receiving an NEH-Mellon Fellowship for Digital Publication, Her project is “The Lady Chapel as a Model for Visualizations of Digital 3D Historical Reconstructions” and it will present research, writing, and data visualization through a website with 3D architectural reconstructions of the Lady Chapel of Saint-German-des-Prés.

Kristopher Kersey, Assistant Professor of Arts of Japan in the UCLA Department of Art History, has been selected as a recipient of the 2023 Millard Meiss Publication Grant for his book, “Facing Images: Problems of Modernity in Japanese Art.” Kersey’s book, now awaiting publication, presents a critique of global modernity through a focus on montage, interface theory, collage and semiotics in the secular and Buddhist manuscripts of 12th-century Japan. Professor Kersey was a 2022 recipient of the International Fellowship Program of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, as well as a Getty Scholar residential scholar in 2021.

Stella Nair, Associate Professor of Indigenous Arts of the Americas in the UCLA Department of Art History, was appointed Senior Fellow of Precolumbian Studies at Dumbarton Oaks, a three-year position. She was also awarded a National Humanities Center Fellowship for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Greg Woolf, Ronald J. Mellor Distinguished Professor of Ancient History in the UCLA Department of  History, was the Sather Professor at UC Berkeley last Fall. He was Cecil H. and Ida Green Visiting Professor, at Green College University of British Columbia in March this year. Professor Woolf coedited a volume entitled Gendering Roman Imperialism which appeared this year. He delivered the Sir Ronald Syme Memorial Lecture at the Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand earlier this month.

Bronwen Wilson, Edward W. Carter Chair in European Art in the UCLA Department of Art History, has two co-edited vols just out: Conversion Machines: Apparatus, Artifice, Body and Making Worlds: Global Invention in the Early Modern Period.