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Frontiers, Borders, & Borderlands in the Early Modern World – MEMSA Graduate Student Conference

Royce 306

08:00–08:15 PST Introduction & Welcome Patrick Morgan, Hannah Thomson, and Chase Caldwell Smith PANEL 1: CULTURAL CIRCULATION IN PRE-MODERN ASIA 08:15–08:30 PST "Nonnational Affinities and Shared Scape of Romances: Persianate World in Circulation" Yoonus Kozhisseri, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay 08.30–08:45 PST "Monsters, Deities, and Humanity in the Early Modern Philippines" Zhiyu Chen, University of...

Korea, Mongols and Ming: Integrative Histories of Early Modern Eastern Eurasia

Royce 306

This symposium will focus on Korea and Eurasia from the thirteenth to sixteenth centuries and highlight thematic approaches that resonate with other places and periods. The symposium features scholars interested in integrating early modern Korea into regional and global narratives. Their projects weave together Mongolian, Ming, Koryŏ, and Chosŏn histories or provide interdisciplinary perspectives on...

Kublai Khan’s Body: Marco Polo and the Making of History

Kaplan 348

Marco Polo and his father and uncle spent seventeen years in China, and because of his personal history there, Sinologists have long scrutinized and debated his connection to the larger history of China and his status as a historical writer of China. In response to biographical discussions about Polo in Sinology, this talk investigates the...