CMRS Research and Study Travel Grant Recipients

This grant was initiated in Fall 2017

  • Tania Varela (Spanish & Portuguese)
    III International Philobiblon-BNE Seminar at the National Library, Madrid, June 2017
  • Payton Phillips Quintanilla (Spanish & Portuguese)
    Moriscos, de la aljamía al archivo, February-March, 2018
  • Jonathan Bellairs (English)
    Archival research on MS Cotton Caligula A.ix, Layamon’s Brut, British Library, July 2018
  • Mark Pawlowski (Art History)
    Archaeological research in Greece, March-April, 2018
  • Rafael Jaime (English)
    Archival research at BNF, July 2018
  • Roxanne Radpour (Materials Science & Engineering Dept.)
    Cyprus, August-October 2018
  • Naveen Kanalu (NELC)
    Archival/Library research in UK, May-June 2018