Rouse Manuscript Collection

Richard and Mary Rouse have spent their lives studying the history, production, and use of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, and the history of the libraries through which these manuscripts passed. Over the years, they have gathered an impressive manuscript collection of their own, and have donated the collection to UCLA.

The Rouse Collection of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts is a splendid addition to UCLA Library Special Collections. Located in the Young Research Library, it is a valuable resource for students and researchers.


Richard Rouse, Professor Emeritus in UCLA’s Department of History, mentored many students, both in his paleography classes and through his work with CMRS Research Assistants. Mary Rouse served as managing editor of the CMRS journal Viator for twenty-two years. Together, they enthusiastically devoted their efforts to promote Medieval and Renaissance studies at UCLA and they are the driving force behind the establishment of the Center’s History of the Book Lecture series.