Friday, October 20, 2023
9:20 Introduction and Welcome

Zrinka Stahuljak, Director of CMRS-CEGS, Professor of Comparative Literature and French

Sixiang Wang, Associate Director of CMRS-CEGS, Assistant Professor of Asian Languages and Culture

Thomas Barton, CMRS-CEGS Associate, Professor of History, University of San Diego

10:00 Session 1: Objects and Global Commerce

Chair: Rhonda Sharrah (PhD Candidate, English Department, UCLA)

Julia Perratore, Assistant Curator, Department of Medieval Art and The Cloisters, The Metropolitan Museum of Art: “Displaying the Western Mediterranean: The Art Museum as a Site of Global Medieval Exploration”

Karen Mathews, Associate Professor, Art History Department, University of Miami: “Global Trade Networks and Travel Culture of Ceramics, 1000-1600”

Flávio Miranda, Researcher, Centro de Investigação Transdisciplinar Cultura Espaço e Memória, University of Porto: “Markets, Institutions, and Trade in Portugal: A Method Proposal for a Global Middle Ages Approach from the Western Edge of the Mediterranean World”

11:45 Lunch Break
1:15 Session 2: Reimagining Modes of Connectivity and Interchange

Chair: Maya Soifer Irish (Associate Professor, History Department, Rice University)

Nasser Meerkhan, Assistant Professor, Spanish & Portuguese, Near Eastern Studies Departments, UC Berkeley: “Reading the Poetry of Andalusi Women in a Mediterranean Context”

Mohamad Ballan, Assistant Professor, History Department, Stony Brook University: “Andalusi Peregrinations and Scholarly Circulations: Migration, Mobility, and the Community of Letters in the Late Medieval Mediterranean World”

Claire Gilbert, Associate Professor, Saint Louis University: “Mediterranean Creativity: Early Modern Artists and Artisans between Spanish and Moroccan Courts”

3:00 Break
3:15 Session 3: Historical/Nationalist Associations and Perspectives

Chair: Patrick Morgan (ABD, History, UCLA)

Albrecht Classen, University Distinguished Professor, German Studies Department, University of Arizona: “German Knights, Pilgrims, Scientists, and Diplomats in Spain, Portugal, and Northern Africa during the Late Middle Ages”

Michael Jay Sanders, PhD student, Fordham University: “Forgotten Roads to Jerusalem, Zion, and al-Quds: Jerusalemite Discourse among Christians, Muslims, and Jews in Medieval Iberia”

Miguel Gómez, Lecturer, University of Dayton: “Christian Iberia in the Almohad Shadow: A Core-periphery Perspective on the Late Twelfth/Early Thirteenth-century Western Mediterranean”

5:00 Break
5:15 First Plenary Lecture

Chair: Rodrigo García-Velasco (Leverhulme Foundation Early Career Research Fellow, Department of History, University College, London)

Toby Yuen-Gen Liang, Associate Research Fellow, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica: “Drawing Blanks: Cartographic Conceptions of Northern Africa in the Motion of Bodies, Networks, and Knowledge from 1400-1500s”

6:45 Reception in the Royce 306 Loggia


Saturday, October 21, 2023
9:00 Session 4: Scientific and Environmental Considerations

Chair: Marta Albalá Pelegrín (Associate Professor, English & Modern Languages, Cal-Poly Pomona)

Edward Schoolman, Associate Professor, University of Nevada at Reno: “Environmental History as Global History? Methodological Insights from Premodern Case Studies”

David Peterson, Director del Área de Historia Medieval, University of Burgos: “The Blood of the Amazighs. Anomalous Distributions of North-African Genetic Characteristics in Northwestern Iberia”

Fabien Montcher, Associate Professor of History, Saint Louis University: “On Medieval Mediterranean Ecologies and Early Modern Green Imperialisms”

10:45 Break
11:00 Session 5: New Approaches to Monuments and Documents

Chair: Luke Yarbrough (Associate Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA)

Nausheen Hoosein, PhD Researcher and Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of York: “La Giralda: The Almohad Minaret as a Site of Spolia”

Edward Holt, Assistant Professor, History Department, Grambling State University: “Digitizing Cordoba: Virtually Reconstructing Sites of Medieval Encounter”

Sarah Ifft Decker, Assistant Professor, History Department, Rhodes College: “Contracts as Weapons: Notarial Power and Jewish Agency in the Late Medieval Crown of Aragon”

12:45 Lunch
2:15 Session 6: Cultural and Political Engagement

Chair: Marie A. Kelleher (Professor of History, CSU-Long Beach)

Travis Bruce, Associate Professor, McGill University: “Violence as Global Practice in the Early Medieval Western Mediterranean”

Larry Simon, Associate Professor, Western Michigan University: “Mallorca, Mediterranean Slavery, and Global History”

Richard Ibarra, Postdoctoral Scholar and Teaching Fellow, History Department, USC: “Iberian Administration from Madrid to Manila: The Case of Santiago de Vera in the Sixteenth Century”

4:00 Break
4:15 Second Plenary Lecture

Chair: Javier Patiño Loira (Assistant Professor, Department of Spanish & Portuguese, UCLA)

Samantha Kelly, Professor, History Department, Rutgers University: “Reading Across Regions and Cultures: Challenges and Opportunities”

6:00 Closing dinner for presenters, chairs, and sponsors