On view at CNSI lobby, the UCLA Art Sci Gallery (5th Floor), and the CNSI Presentation Space (5th floor)

  • Facsimiles of some of Leonardo’s drawings of the heart. Courtesy of Francis Wells.
  • Photographs of the ox-heart dissections carried out by Leonardo. Courtesy of Ben Edwards/erproductions.co.uk.
  • A working model of the aortic root demonstrating aorto/pulmonary valve closure: an imagining 500 years ahead of its time. Courtesy of Professor Morteza Gharib.
  • Examples of books/manuscripts from Leonardo’s library. Courtesy of UCLA Library Special Collections.
  • Drawings from the Department of Artistic Anatomy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice: “The Transparent View.” Courtesy of Professor Mauro Zocchetta and Dr. Roberta Ballestriero.
  • Preserved dissected specimens of the ox heart repeating the dissections of Leonardo. Courtesy of Professor Robert Anderson, Francis Wells, and Dr. Martin Goddard, Royal Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, UK.
  • Bird Song Diamond: Art Installation. Courtesy of Professor Victoria Vesna.
  • Heart Whispers: The Speaking Heart. Courtesy of Pascale Pollier, member of the Medical Artists Association and Medical Illustration Practitioner accredited by the Academy for Health Care Science.
  • Gold & Silver Hearts. Courtesy of Professor Jane Prophet.
  • The Heart of Leonardo: a short documentary of the heart dissections of Leonardo da Vinci (Popov Productions Inc). Courtesy of Professor Robert Anderson, Dr Martin Goddard, and Francis Wells.
  • Bird Flight: Natural Photography. Courtesy of Owen Burke.

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