Borrowing its title from Patrick Geary’s article “Visions of Medieval Studies in North America” published in the 1994 volume The Past and Future of Medieval Studies, this conference honors the distinguished career of Patrick J. Geary, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of History at the Institute for Advanced Study (2012–2019), Distinguished Professor of History at UCLA (1993–2011), Professor of History at the University of Florida (1980–1993), and Director of the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (1993–1998).

Celebrating both the anniversary of this important essay as well as the scope and impact of Professor Geary’s work and career, this conference features scholarly papers by his former students and less formal presentations commending his professional and personal impact on his students and colleagues. This conference is organized by Kristina Markman (UCSD), Maya Maskarinec (USC), Kate Craig (Auburn University), and Warren Brown (Caltech).

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Funding for this conference is provided by:
The UCLA Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies Endowment
The Wellman Chair in Medieval History
The UCLA Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
The UCLA Dean of Humanities
The UCLA Dean of Social Sciences
The UCLA Department of History

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