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The International Encyclopaedia for the Middle Ages-Online (IEMA), is an en­tirely new English- language supplement to and update of the Lexikon des Mittelalters-Online, produced under the joint auspices of the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies and Brepols Publishers. The chronological range of IEMA is 300–1500 C.E., and it covers all of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, in addition to aspects of other cultures known to the people of these areas. It is available by subscription at Brepolis (, the Brepols site for online medieval encyclopaedias and bibliographies. For subscription information, contact

Editor in Chief: Patrick Geary (UCLA)

Executive Editor:

Editorial Board: Michael J. B. Allen (UCLA), János Bak (CEU), Paul Freed­man (Yale), Hans-Werner Goetz (Hamburg), Alan V. Murray (Leeds), Eric Pa­lazzo (Poi­tiers), Claudia Rapp (University of Vienna), Chase Robinson (Oxford), Ian Wood (Leeds)

Editorial Advisers: Paul Arblaster (K.U. Leuven), Courtney Booker (Univer­sity of British Columbia), Chris Jones (University of Canterbury, Christ­church), Maura Nolan (UC Berkeley), John Ott (Portland State University), Cosmin Popa-Gorjanu (University of Alba Julia), Sebastian Sobecki (McGill University)