Annual Open House 2015

Published: October 16, 2015

We had a great time this year! Thanks to everyone who turned out to make our open house such an enjoyable affair. A big thanks to Satik in the Royce Reading Room for putting together the book sale! Glad to see all the faculty and students who came by with a special shout-out to the…

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Sasha Wadman, Program Coordinator

Published: September 28, 2015

UCLA Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies has a new staff member! Sasha Wadman is working full-time as the CMRS Program Coordinator, handling the logistics for the Center’s conferences, lectures, seminars, and other events. Sasha brings to CMRS a deep, personal interest in the study of Late Antiquity through the Early Modern eras and experience in…

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Architecture for Sound

Published: September 16, 2015

CMRS faculty member Sharon Gerstel studies how Byzantine-era churches enhanced the performance of liturgical chants — read the article from UCLA News. To test her idea that church designs changed to optimize the sound of liturgical music, an international team of researchers recorded hours of chanters singing in nine churches in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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Classics 88GE: The Legacy of Ancient Medicine

Published: September 16, 2015

This class aims to provide a better understanding of the foundations of modern medicine by investigating how the traditions of ancient Greek medicine were passed down through the centuries from antiquity to the present day. The seminar will be divided into two parts : first, a presentation of the art of medicine in ancient Greece; and second, a trip…

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Call for Papers | Comitatus Volume 47

Published: September 15, 2015

COMITATUS: A JOURNAL OF MEDIEVAL AND RENAISSANCE STUDIES, published annually under the auspices of the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, invites the submission of articles by graduate students and recent PhDs in any field of medieval and Renaissance studies. The submission deadline for Volume 47 (2016) is February 1, 2016. The COMITATUS editorial…

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Classics 220A: Virgil in the Middle Ages

Published: September 11, 2015

“Virgil in the Middle Ages: Poet, Prophet, and Necromancer” Justin Haynes PhD, Instructor In this course, we will examine medieval creativity from many angles by using Virgil, the man and his works, as a guide and unifying theme. Virgil is an ideal focal point for exploring medieval imagination because his oeuvre, as the fundamental school…

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History 200C: The Mediterranean in History

Published: August 24, 2015

This year’s CMRS Seminar is History 200C: The Mediterranean in History taught by Jessica Goldberg, Associate Professor of History, on Mondays from 2–4:50 pm in Royce 306. Syllabus (preliminary) For more than a century, ‘The Mediterranean’ has not only been the subject of intense and creative historical inquiry, it is the arena in which scholars from several disciplines…

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Fall 2015

Published: June 25, 2015

Welcome students! Fall Quarter classes begin on September 24, 2015.

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The Origins of Valentine’s Day

Published: February 3, 2015

St. Valentine’s Day as a feast for lovers has been researched by Andy Kelly, a former director of CMRS and now Distinguished Research Professor, UCLA Department of English, in his book Chaucer and the Cult of St. Valentine (1986).  He concludes that it was a poetic fancy of Geoffrey Chaucer, devised to celebrate the anniversaries of…

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