CMRS Emeritus Faculty and Research Professors 


Michael J. B. Allen (Distinguished Research Professor, English): Renaissance Platonism; Chaucer; Shakespeare; Spenser; also Italian, Philosophy: Ficino, Pico, and the Quattrocento; Renaissance philosophy, especially Neo-Platonism

Henning Andersen (Research Professor, Slavic Languages and Literatures): Cultural contacts in the Baltic and Slavic lands; historical linguistics

Luigi Ballerini (Professor Emeritus, Italian): Medieval Italian poetry; Renaissance gastronomy

Marianna D. Birnbaum (Research Professor, Germanic Languages): Hungarian literature; Renaissance culture of Central Europe; Jews in Renaissance Europe

Jesse L. Byock (Research Professor, Scandinavian): Viking archaeology; Old Icelandic and Old Norse history, society, and sagas; feud and violence in the Viking world

Rinaldo Canalis (Professor Emeritus, Surgery, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA): History of surgery and anatomy during the Renaissance; history of otology from antiquity to the present; medical humanities

Brian P. Copenhaver (Professor Emeritus, History and Philosophy): Late medieval and early modern philosophy and science; magic, Cabala, and hermetica

Herbert A. Davidson (Professor Emeritus, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures): Medieval Hebrew literature; Rabbinic literature; medieval Jewish and Arabic philosophy

Diane Favro (Professor Emerita, Architecture and Urban Design): Architecture and topography of late Roman and early medieval Rome; eleventh-century Armenian architecture; architecture and urbanism in fifteenth-century Italy; virtual reality modeling projects

Patrick Geary (Professor Emeritus, History): Early medieval social and cultural history; barbarian societies; history of memory; history of ethnicity

Carlo Ginzburg (Professor Emeritus, History): Popular culture; intellectual history; iconography

Marie Louise Göllner (Professor Emerita, Musicology): Music of the twelfth through fourteenth centuries and the late Renaissance; late medieval music theory; paleography and manuscript studies

Richard Hovannisian (Professor Emeritus, History): History of Armenia and the Caucasus

Henry Ansgar Kelly (Distinguished Research Professor, English): England, Italy, France, Spain: literature, canon law, common law, liturgy, theology, history of ideas (biblical, classical, medieval, early modern)

Katherine C. King (Professor Emerita, Comparative Literature): Epic; tragedy; Classical tradition; gender studies

Gordon Kipling (Professor Emeritus, English): Medieval and Tudor drama; theatrical spectacle; Shakespeare; Chaucer; Netherlandic-British cultural relations

Emily Klenin (Professor Emerita, Slavic Languages and Literatures): Slavic linguistics, languages, and literature

V.A. Kolve (Distinguished Professor Emeritus, English): Medieval drama; Chaucer; literature and visual arts; medieval anti-Semitism

Bariša Krekic (Professor Emeritus, History): Medieval southeastern Europe; Medieval Russia; Byzantium; Dalmatian and Italian urban history in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

David Kunzle (Professor Emeritus, Art History): Art and Reformation; the fusion in word and image of Jesus Christ and Che Guevara

Richard A. Lanham (Professor Emeritus, English): Medieval, Renaissance, and modern digital rhetoric

Lauro Martines (Professor Emeritus, History): History and literature of Renaissance Italy and sixteenth- and seventeenth-century England

James R. Massengale (Professor Emeritus, Scandinavian): Scandinavian medieval ballads; Scandinavian folk tales

Ronald Mellor (Distinguished Research Professor, History): Roman history; religion and law

Donka Minkova (Distinguished Research Professor, English): History of English; English historical phonology; metrics; syntax

Brian Morris (Professor Emeritus, Spanish and Portuguese): Golden-Age Spanish poetry; the Picaresque novel

Joseph Falaky Nagy (Professor Emeritus, English): Medieval Celtic literatures; Celtic folklore; comparative folklore and mythology

Ynez Violé O’Neill (Professor Emerita, Neurobiology, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA): History of medicine, especially anatomy, surgery, and neurology; medical images

Terence Parsons (Professor Emeritus, Philosophy): Philosophy of language; metaphysics; history of logic

Ismail K. Poonawala (Professor Emeritus, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures): Early intellectual and cultural history of Islam; Shi’ism, Isma’ilis/Fatimids; classical Arabic literature; contemporary Islamic thought

Jonathan F. S. Post (Distinguished Research Professor, English): Seventeenth-century poetry; Milton; Shakespeare

Florence H. Ridley (Professor Emerita, English): Chaucer; fourteenth-century English poetry; Middle English dialects; medieval Scots poetry

David S. Rodes (Director Emeritus, UCLA Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts): Renaissance and Restoration theater and graphic arts; Shakespeare; Dryden; Wycherly; Molière

Enrique Rodríguez-Cepeda (Professor Emeritus, Spanish and Portuguese): Cervantes/Spanish Golden Age; sixteenth- and seventeenth-century theater; popular culture and Spanish ballads

Richard H. Rouse (Distinguished Research Professor, History): History of texts and libraries; manuscript production; paleography

Karen E. Rowe: (Professor Emerita, English): Colonial American literature to 1800; Renaissance and seventeenth-century literature; women’s literature

Yona Sabar (Professor Emeritus, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures): Hebrew and Aramaic; Syriac; Jewish languages; folk and religious literature of Kurdistani Jews

James A. Schultz (Professor Emeritus, Germanic Languages): Middle High German literature; history of sexuality; history of childhood; gender

Geoffrey Symcox (Professor Emeritus, History): Urban history, architecture, and planning (Renaissance and Baroque); states and institutions in the 16th through 18th centuries, France and Italy; Columbus; study of the Sacri Monti (sanctuaries) of Northwestern Italy

Emma Lewis Thomas (Professor Emerita, World Arts and Cultures): Renaissance and Baroque dance history; translation of Italian, French, German, English texts and notation; re-creation of dances, performance practice

Norman J. W. Thrower (Professor Emeritus, Geography): Geographical discovery and exploration; history of cartography

Edward F. Tuttle (Professor Emeritus, Italian): Italian philology; comparative Romance historical linguistics; socio-pragmatic and structural motives of language change; medieval Italian literature

Joanna Woods-Marsden (Professor Emerita, Art History): Portraiture in Renaissance Italy; gender studies; Titian; Renaissance courts

Stephen C. Yeazell (Distinguished Professor of Law, Emeritus): Medieval and Early Modern adjudicative procedure in Britain