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Comitatus UCLA CMRSA Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Comitatus, the CMRS-sponsored journal for and by graduate students and recent PhDs, publishes articles in any field of the Middle Ages or Renaissance. The annual journal is distributed internationally to libraries and individuals and is part of the Project MUSE online collection.

Volume 46 (2015)

Editor: Gillian Adler (English, UCLA)
Editorial Board: Marine Aykazyan (French, UCLA), Meg Bernstein (Art History, UCLA), Elizabeth Comuzzi (History, UCLA),Gillian Gower (Musicology, UCLA), Rebecca Hill (English, UCLA), Andrew Hiltzik (Italian, UCLA), Heather Sottong (Italian, UCLA), Alexandra Verini (English, UCLA)

Volume 45 (September 2014)

Editor: Kate Melissa Craig (History, UCLA)
Editorial Board: Gillian Adler (English, UCLA), Marine Aykazyan (French and Francophone Studies, UCLA), Elizabeth Comuzzi (History, UCLA), Gillian Gower (Musicology, UCLA), Kristina Markman (History, UCLA), Mark Pawlowski (Art History, UCLA), Heather Sottong (Italian), Alexandra Verini (English, UCLA)

Managing Editor: Blair Sullivan (CMRS)

  • Articles:
    • Josh Timmermann, “Sharers in the Contemplative Virtue: Julianus Pomerius’s Carolingian Audience”
    • Stefan J. Schustereder, “Ships and Conquest in Medieval England: Texts and Contexts”
    • Daniel Melleno, “North Sea Networks: Trade and Communication from the Seventh to the Tenth Century”
    • Sara Frances Burdorff, “Re-reading Grendel’s Mother: Beowulf and the Anglo-Saxon Metrical Charms”
    • Justin T. Noetzel, “Monster, Demon, Warrior: St. Guthlac and the Cultural Landscape of the Anglo-Saxon Fens”
    • Iris R. Petty, “Hildegard’s Historical Memory: The Lives of Saint Disibod and Saint Rupert as Models of Local Salvation History”
    • Timothy W. DeCelle, “A Transcendent Excess: Examining Griselda’s Assent in Chaucer’s Clerk’s Tale through Georges Bataille’s Atheological Mysticism”
    • Katherine Walker, “Spectatorship and Vision in The York Corpus Christi Plays
  • Reviews

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