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A Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Comitatus, the graduate journal sponsored by the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, publishes articles by new scholars working in any field of the Middle Ages or Renaissance. The annual journal is distributed internationally to libraries and individuals. Beginning with volume 43 (2012), Comitatus will be part of the Project MUSE online collection.


Volume 44 (2013)

Editor: Holly Moyer

Editorial Board: Gillian Adler (English, UCLA), Marine Aykazyan (History, UCLA), Justin Colvin (History, USC), Kate Craig (History, UCLA), Christine Gottlieb (English, UCLA), Lindsay Johnson (Musicology, UCLA), Mark Pawlowski (Art History, UCLA), Heather Sottong (Italian, UCLA)

Managing Editor: Blair Sullivan (CMRS)

  • Articles:
    • David J. Patterson, “Adversus paganos: Disaster, Dragons, and Episcopal Authority in Gregory of Tours”
    • Courtney Luckhardt, “Gender and Connectivity: Facilitating Religious Travel in the Sixth and Seventh Centuries”
    • Nathan J. Ristuccia, “The Rise of the Spurcalia: Medieval Festival and Modern Myth”
    • John Giebfried, “The Crusader Rebranding of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount”
    • Brittany Asaro, “Unmasking the Truth about Amor de Lonh: Giovanni Boccaccio’s Rebellion against Literary Conventions in Decameron I.5 and IV.4”
    • Benjamin D. Utter, “Gawain and Goliath: Davidic Parallels and the Problem of Penance in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
    • Sandra Cardarelli, “Francesco di Giorgio’s Frescoes and the Confraternity of the Madonna delle Nevi in Campagnatico: Art Patronage and Ritual Celebration in Southern Tuscany”
    • Emily Ross, “Spin-Doctoring Discourse: Ideological Debates around the Marriage of Lady Arbella Stuart and William Seymour”
  • Reviews


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